Back Pain Relief MP3


‘Back Pain Relief’ is guaranteed to bring you relief from back pain
It’s easy to use – All you do, to reduce the pain, is listen
Self help for lumber(back) pain.
Easy to order – MP3 download
Become increasingly comfortable by listening

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Self Help For Painful Backs – Self-Hypnosis MP3 Download

  • ‘Back Pain Relief’ is guaranteed to bring you relief from back pain
  • It’s easy to use – All you do, to reduce the pain, is listen
  • Self help for lumber(back) pain.
  • Easy to order – MP3 download
  • Become increasingly comfortable by listening

Exceptional self-hypnosis recording by a great hypnotherapist

This self help recording by Duncan McColl has been designed for all back pain sufferers.  Both chronic and acute pain can be reduced or eliminated, as also can pain from either physical injury or disease.

The first thing to do for back pain

Always consult your doctor if you are in pain. Your doctor will make a diagnosis, and may well be able to confirm that self-hypnosis is not contra-indicated, and that it can help you.

Anesthesia through hypnosis

Hypnosis is well known to be very effective in producing anesthesia: major operations have been successfully completed using only hypnosis for pain control. Self-hypnosis is also effective for this: the effects can vary from controlling or relieving the pain right through to complete and permanent removal.

Why do we feel pain?

Pain is very important: it can tell us something is wrong; it can convince us to stop activities that are damaging us in some way. But sometimes it is useless, redundant. If the pain becomes chronic, perpetually reminding us of something we already know, or if it does not come from any identifiable source, then it is not conveying any kind of useful information. If your back pain fits this description then you are right to be considering how to get relief from your back pain.

Using deep relaxation to achieve mind/body control

‘Back Pain Relief’ is a full-length self-hypnosis recording created and produced by Duncan McColl, a leading hypnotherapist. He uses his skills to guide you into a state of relaxation of both body and mind. He calls this state ‘creative relaxation’ because the relaxation enables your unconscious mind to become very perceptive and open to new ideas. Your imagination is also freed up whilst in this powerful state, and you are ready to begin the process of finding relief from your back pain.

Changing the response to the pain triggers

Have you ever been utterly engrossed in something important, and failed to notice something painful has happened to you? Or been hurt while in a dangerous situation and not noticed the pain until you were safe? These are well known responses to injury and pain: it is possible to become unconscious of pain. Duncan’s recording shows you how you can make the shift and become more or less unconscious of your pain. The relief that follows is palpable.

Listening, learning and reducing the pain: Self help for back pain

Listen to this recording and he will show you how you can deal with your back pain in a comfortable way. Having taken you into a trance state in a way that suits you, he deepens the experience by making use of his exquisitely trained voice and some beautiful metaphors. Stress and anxiety are reduced, and he then leads your unconscious mind to new ways of behavior by the introduction of some powerful hypnotic suggestions about how to relieve your pain and suffering.
After listening a few times you can expect to notice a marked reduction in back pain, we are so sure of this that we guarantee tit.

How to get the results you want

The method is effortless: you listen to the recording in bed, every night, as you go to sleep. You may well fall asleep before the recording is over. This is OK. You will absorb Duncan McColl’s ideas through your always-active unconscious mind, while your conscious mind is tuned out.
Arrange to listen to the recording twice a week at some other times: times when you can arrange for no interruptions. We recommend a quiet, safe place where you can sit comfortably, with support for your back, with your feet firmly on the floor, and your hands on your lap. You may well fall asleep – it is OK to do so.
One of the problems with back pain can be trouble in getting to sleep. This recording will help you sleep more easily and you will find you get your results by listening.

Money-back guarantee

Many people notice benefits within a couple of weeks or so. If a period of 60 days of following our advice on ‘How to get the results you want’ does not get you any benefit, we will gladly refund your money. It really is a Money-back Guarantee. So effective self help for back pain relief is available to you here, and you have everything to gain from ordering