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Here is a recording that deals specifically with the excess consumption of coffee. People don’t generally realize how much of an addictive drug caffeine can be. If you are fed up with the side effects of drinking too much coffee you can learn to drink less (or, believe it or not, none). This self hypnosis recording will help you, it is guaranteed to.

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Control Coffee Drinking – A Self Hypnosis Recording To Help You

  • “Control Coffee Intake”: a sure-fire way to help you control your coffee drinking!
  • Hypnotherapist and expert Steve G Jones M.Ed. provides subconscious relief from coffee cravings!
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease in just minutes of listening a day!
  • Get some relief from coffee-related anxiety and memory problems!
  • Available in two convenient formats: MP3 and audio CD.

Coffee: Blessing And Curse

It’s “the best part of waking up”, we’re told. And there’s some truth to that, as those people who have a serious coffee habit know. Coffee can get you more motivated to work, or help you to get over a bad day. It can give you a burst of energy when you need it the most–and as many of us know, there’s not much better than the crisp, smoky taste of gourmet coffee. But all of these benefits of coffee have a major flip side: their negative effects on our health and our wallets. Habitual coffee drinking can lead to a much reduced bank balance, and coffee consumption can have consequences for hearth and kidney health in later life. There’s no question that we all need to control coffee drinking–but how, when it tastes so good? Here’s how to do it: listen to “Control Coffee Intake”, the excellent recording from hypnotherapist Steve G Jones.

No Friend To The Body

In moderation, there’s no real problem with coffee drinking. But for those of us who find it hard to get by on the recommended three cups of coffee a day, the health risks can be significant. Overconsumption of coffee can lead to heart trouble, including an increased risk of heart attacks, and coffee’s effects on the stomach lead to acid reflux and other digestion problems.

The Influence Of Coffee: Anxiety

Coffee’s more serious consequences, however, happen in the mind. An excessive coffee intake can lead to memory problems in the long run, which can in turn lead to a reduced performance at your job–funny, since many people drink coffee in order to perform their jobs better in the first place. And many lifelong coffee drinkers report sharply increased anxiety and depressive thoughts when they can’t find coffee at the moment they crave it.

So Why Drink It So Much?

All of these are excellent reasons to control coffee drinking, but how are you supposed to do it? After all, no one plans to drink too much coffee: it just happens. Subconsciously, you want that good coffee, even though you know the problems that come with it.

How Can I Control Coffee Drinking In My Life?

But since the problem is subconscious, there’s a perfect solution to help control coffee drinking: self-hypnosis. “Control Coffee Intake” from hypnotherapist Steve G Jones is specially designed to reduce your coffee cravings and provide you with some relief from the anxiety of coffee withdrawal. In just minutes a day of listening, you’ll not only understand the risks of coffee drinking better, but you’ll feel much less inclined to grab that next cup.

Control Your Coffee Intake Today

Coffee can be great, it’s true. But if you’re drinking too much of it, you’ll see the effects on your body, your nerves, and maybe most importantly, your wallet. Don’t let that go on for one day more. Try “Control Coffee Intake” from Steve G Jones today and control your coffee drinking.

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