Deep Relaxation MP3


Easy to use – All you do is listen
Two full-length Self-Hypnosis Recordings
World Class Hypnosis by Duncan McColl
Available as An MP3 Download
‘Deep Relaxation’ – Just by listening

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Self-Hypnosis MP3 Download To Aid Relaxation

  • Easy to use – All you do is listen
  • Two full-length Self-Hypnosis Recordings
  • World Class Hypnosis by Duncan McColl
  • Available as An MP3 Download
  • ‘Deep Relaxation’ – Just by listening

Brilliant Self-Hypnosis by a World Class Hypnotherapist

‘Deep Relaxation’ is fully authored by Duncan McColl, one of the greats of hypnosis, and is designed to help you to relax deeply and safely. This is self help for relaxation that really works.

Learn the Art of Profound Relaxation

Listen to these recordings and start to relax, almost immediately, as renowned hypnotherapist Duncan McColl addresses your unconscious mind. There are two aspects to deep relaxation: Physical and Mental. He uses beautifully elegant hypnosis that works on both of these to radically improve your mind/body co-ordination.

Anxiety and Stress

We all have to learn to deal with stress in our lives. If we do not deal with it then anxiety can build up. We often notice this as difficulty in sleeping, or waking up tired. Or else we think about our problems a lot of the time. There is research that suggests that stress is heavily involved in many of the major causes of death in the United States. It seems that if you want a longer life, and a better quality of life, learning to deal with stress is essential.

Eliminate Anxiety and Stress through Relaxation

Human beings and most animals use play and recreation: every now and then they break off what they are doing and simply enjoy themselves for a short while. It seems to be an important aspect of life. Recreation and play almost always require physical activity, and we often need to give our bodies a rest. Relaxation provides for both physical and mental recovery from stress, and achieves the same results as play.

Planned, deep relaxation

Planned relaxation provides for some order in life, a way of knowing you are taking care of yourself. For some it seems to come easily: listening to music or taking a bath does the job. For many others relaxation does not come that easily. Or you may want to make sure that your relaxation time really does allow you to recover from your stressful day. If you find that relaxation is ‘hard work’, or if you want to explore just how life enhancing a few minutes time out can be, then Duncan McColl’s self hypnosis recording of ‘Deep Relaxation’ is something to be listened to.

Listening to self hypnosis – and relaxing

As you listen to these recordings you will find yourself responding to McColl’s richly textured voice, his irresistible hypnotic suggestions, and his multi-layered meanings. While you discover some of the reasons why he is referred to as a genius of hypnosis, you will receive the benefits of an ever-deepening state of calm. He speaks to your unconscious mind, encouraging more and more release from physical tension as your conscious mind begins a process of ever-sharper focus, cutting out the cares of the everyday and approaching a state of relaxation that is nearer to a state of serenity.

Self help for relaxation

Listen to these recordings and notice how your stress levels reduce as your mind and body automatically relax. Each hearing adds to the training of your body and mind, until they can go into profoundly calm states with ease.

How to get the results you want

The method is effortless. There are two full-length recordings: ’Day’ and  ‘Night’.

You listen to the ‘Night’ recording in bed, every night, as you go to sleep. You may well fall asleep before the recording is over. This is OK. You will absorb Duncan McColl’s ideas through your always-active unconscious mind, while your conscious mind is tuned out.

Listen to the ‘Day’ recording whenever you want to. At least twice a week arrange to listen to this recording at times when you can arrange for no interruptions. We recommend a quiet, safe place where you can sit comfortably, with support for your back, with your feet firmly on the floor, and your hands on your lap. You may well fall asleep – it is OK to do so.
You get your results by listening.

Money-back Guarantee

Many people notice benefits within a couple of weeks or so. If a period of 60 days of following our advice on ‘How to get the results you want’ does not get you any benefit, we will gladly refund your money. It really is a Money-back Guarantee.  This form of self help for relaxation is amongst the most powerful, so please don’t hesitate to order your copy now.