Self Healing With Hypnosis MP3


‘Self Healing With Hypnosis’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
Self help that is easy to use
Help with personal healing for your self
Easy to order download
Help your self-healing process by simply listening

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Self-Hypnosis For Self Healing Download

  • ‘Self Healing With Hypnosis’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
  • Self help that is easy to use
  • Help with personal healing for your self
  • Easy to order download
  • Help your self-healing process by simply listening

Exceptional self-hypnosis recording by a great hypnotherapist

This is a deep-seeing self-hypnosis recording created by Duncan McColl, the highly regarded hypnotherapist. He brought all his experience and accumulated wisdom to bear when he created this self help recording to help your self healing processes.

Ailments that don’t resolve

If you have an ailment that simply does not resolve, or an ailment that is difficult to define, or perhaps numerous ailments that together add up to a threat to your personal health, then ‘Self Healing With Hypnosis’ could be the help you are looking for. Our personal healing powers are much greater than we realize and this recording is designed to spark the motivation to trust to this powerful process. Self-healing, unlike self-assembly of furniture, has no guide sheets or drawings and so Duncan McColl has set out to provide a guide for you to find your own way to self healing.

Stress and anxiety interfere with healing

The stresses resulting from everyday existence and the stress that can result from our apparent inability to find a healing for some malady that hangs around can, together, affect our well being. Anxiety can often result from this stress. After a while we seem to be going round in circles as we find ourselves repeating our efforts to resolve our problem. Duncan has produced this recording to break out of this circle and inspire a new approach to your personal plan for self healing. Repeated efforts become a habit, a habit that does not get results. The new thinking resulting from skilful self-hypnosis will get you new habits; habits that work.

Instant help for relaxation and sleep

Sleep really is a source of strength, and it is where most healing takes place. Not for nothing do people ‘sleep on it’, and even solve problems in their dreams. Relaxation is a good in itself, and is an essential part of going to sleep. Allow Duncan to guide your unconscious mind through a learning process, as you discover how to enter a state of deep relaxation of mind and body, a healing process in its self. This is the first new process you will experience by listening. Repeated hearings will enable your unconscious to produce this mind body state of relaxation automatically, whenever it is called for.

How does ‘Self Healing With Hypnosis’ help me with my self healing?

Our greatest power is one that we are barely aware of: our unconscious mind. The unconscious stores our beliefs, memories, imagination and habits. It is the mind’s connection with the body. Old habits that block our attempts to heal and unused resources needed for self-healing are part of our unconscious and therefore escape any conscious attention. During deep relaxation our unconscious is open to newness, and will consider input from outside. New ideas can spark creative adaptation in this relaxed state. Duncan McColl uses his vast experience, analytical insight and neuro-linguistic techniques to offer hypnotic suggestions for new learning.

Listening to the recording for self help

Duncan speaks to your unconscious mind, and his words and voice take you to inner calm and confidence. He then delivers inspired hypnotic suggestions and restructuring ‘exercises’ to enable sharper focus, new ways to motivate and inspire your personal healing, and encouraging you to trust in your own innate ability to create a new self-healing process that will work for you. And your imagination is encouraged to work for you under your control

Keeping the change

After repeated listening you will notice changes in the way you experience your problems and maladies as you commence healing your self, and less anxiety and stress than before. We guarantee that you will be delighted with the changes you achieve.

Money-back guarantee

Many people notice benefits within a couple of weeks or so. If a period of 60 days of following our advice on ‘How to get the results you want’ does not get you any benefit, we will gladly refund your money. It really is a Money-back Guarantee.