Stop Binge Drinking


Debbie Williams brings you her new four track recording, Stop Binge Drinking, that combines the best of NLP and self hypnosis to help you to get your drinking habits back under your own control. By listening to these recordings you will learn to drink sensible amounts of alcohol (or none, your choice), and still have a great time when out socializing.



Stop Binge Drinking:
NLP And Self Hypnosis Recordings To Help You

  • Stop drinking to excess by listening to these powerful recordings
  • Brand new multi-track hypnosis and NLP recordings
  • Stop Binge Drinking is the product of years of clinical experience
  • The recordings are easy to listen to and also easy to order

Is it about time that you started to control your alcohol consumption?

You are probably either reading this because you want to bring an end to your own excessive alcohol consumption, or you are reading it with the aim of helping someone you know to cut down on their drinking habit. Either way, you are in the right place.

Are drinking problems getting worse?

The sad answer is that in many areas, yes, they probably are. Binge drinking amongst young people is on the increase, and more and more stories are being reported by the press, month by month. Drinking too much doesn’t just affect the young, however. People of any age can develop bad drinking habits. It is possible to do something about it, though.

‘I have bad drinking habits!’

There are many reasons why someone gets into a binge drinking habit. Sometimes, it is peer pressure, sometimes it is an ‘escape’ from stress. Whatever the reason for this kind of problem drinking though, it is a habit, and habits can be changed.

‘What’s the difference between a binge drinker and a non binge drinker?’

Apart from the amount of alcohol drunk, obviously!
Well one of the fundamental differences is that the binge drinker tends to do one or more of the following things before they go out for a drink:

  • They look forward to drinking loads
  • They worry they may drink too much
  • They think about drinking too much and hope they can control themselves
  • They fear they will drink too much
  • They hardly give it a thought at all

A non-binge drinker, someone who goes out and has two or three drinks, doesn’t worry they will drink too much, or hope they can control themselves, or fear getting drunk.
What they do is have a clear idea of what they ARE going to drink.

To stop binge drinking you need to plan what you ARE going to drink

This may sound obvious and simple, but the core NLP techniques in Debbie Williams’ set of hypnosis and NLP recordings simply train your mind to be in control ahead of times. These are fundamental straightforward techniques that are successfully employed in therapeutic sessions every day.

A complete system to train you to stop drinking too much.

‘Stop Binge Drinking’ is much more than one ‘technique’. The four tracks bring you a combination of self hypnosis and NLP that is absolutely guaranteed to help you put an end to your drinking problems for good.

Guaranteed to help you

Make sure you listen to the recordings regularly, as often as you can during the days and also every night as you go to sleep. Often the results are very fast but sometimes it takes multiple listenings for the recordings to do their work.

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