Stop Impotence


‘Stop Impotence’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
It’s easy to use – All you do, to end erectile dysfunction, is listen
Sustained erections and timely ejaculation, naturally
For all erectile dysfunction (ED) problems
Good erection results from listening

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Self-Hypnosis To Improve Male Sexual Performance
Available As A CD Or MP3 Download

  • ‘Stop Impotence’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
  • It’s easy to use – All you do, to end erectile dysfunction, is listen
  • Sustained erections and timely ejaculation, naturally
  • For all erectile dysfunction (ED) problems
  • Good erection results from listening

Exceptional self-hypnosis recording by a great hypnotherapist

‘Stop Impotence’ is a self-hypnosis recording created by master hypnotherapies Duncan McColl. The title only hints at the power of this recording, which is designed to provide help not just for both erectile and ejaculatory problems, but also for any aspect of male sexual performance.

See a doctor first

If you have had a problem for some time and you are seeking a solution we recommend that you check with your doctor in case your symptoms indicate a physical problem. If you do not have a physical problem, or it does not respond to conventional treatment, then we warmly recommend ‘Stop Impotence’ as suitable, effective help for you.

Male sexual problems

The most common problems tend to be classified as Erectile Dysfunction (ED), or as Ejaculation problems. ED has several patterns of dysfunction: an occasional failure to get a full erection, or cannot sustain an erection, or totally unable to get an erection. With ED there is no lack of desire for a fully functioning erection. Ejaculation problems include: coming before your partner is ready (premature ejaculation), and being unable to reach orgasm within a time period acceptable to both you and your partner (delayed ejaculation). There are also other problems about not feeling good enough and other worries about sex. We will describe all these different conditions as impotence for the purposes of describing how this recording can help you to stop your particular impotence problem.

Getting to the core of the problem of sex

In the absence of a physical complaint then all these problems share a common theme, and this is why Duncan McColl’s recording can not only help stop impotence but can also help many other conditions and difficulties. The common theme is anxiety and worry: worry about being good enough; worry about it going wrong again; worry about sex in general. Sometimes something happens less than perfectly during sex, and a man starts to wonder what went wrong and if it will happen again. The anxious thoughts are there next time and things start to go wrong, and a full-blown sexual problem is born which can last for years.

Prisoners of our thoughts

Male sexual problems offer startling examples of the intimate connections between mind and body, a connection maintained by the unconscious mind. Seeing a passing sexually attractive stranger can be the cue for an erection, a totally unconscious (and embarrassing) physical response. Conversely, worrying that you might not get an erection can mean that in a real sexual situation you do not respond fully. So what are the thoughts that can cause the problems that can severely damage your self-image?

Fixed patterns of behavior

Any thoughts that we tend to repeat become automated: we can do them easily and unconsciously as habits. This also happens if something unpleasant occurs when we are vulnerable, any repeat of the circumstances of the original incident can trigger the same response over and over again: it’s a habit. So stopping impotence means breaking with a powerful habit. Also, all the social conditioning that occurs as we grow up leaves invisible effects: we unknowingly acquire non-useful beliefs and these are held by our unconscious and influence our behavior. We end up with unconscious patterns of behavior that decide how we respond to given situations, and these responses are probably not the ones we would choose.

Re-patterning our behavior makes us potent human beings

Listen to this recording of ‘Stop Impotence’ and you will hear Duncan’s trained, comfortable voice showing you how to enter a self-hypnotic trance of your own design, a state in which you can achieve deep body mind relaxation. This is a state often referred to as creative relaxation, when our unconscious becomes free to focus its attention and is also more open to new ideas. Duncan provides new ideas in the form of structured hypnotic suggestions that trigger creative activity by your unconscious mind, suggestions to stop impotence by creative use of the imagination that ensures your imagination now works for you and is under your control.

Regaining potency

Right from the first hearing of this recording you will experience less anxiety and stress than before. After repeated listening you can expect to notice a return of your potency as ‘Stop Impotence’ helps you to regain your full strength and abilities. You have our guarantee that you will be happy with your results.

Money-back guarantee

Many people notice benefits within a couple of weeks or so. If a period of 30 days of following our advice on ‘How to get the results you want’ does not get you any benefit, we will gladly refund your money. It really is a Money-back Guarantee.

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