Stop Nail Biting


Guaranteed to bring you results
It’s easy to use – All you do, to stop biting your nails, is listen
‘Stop Nail Biting’ – A self-hypnosis recording
Effective self help for nail biting.
Learn to drop this habit, by simply listening

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Self Help To Help You To Stop Biting Your Nails CD Or MP3

  • Guaranteed to bring you results
  • It’s easy to use – All you do, to stop biting your nails, is listen
  • ‘Stop Nail Biting’ – A self-hypnosis recording
  • Effective self help for nail biting.
  • Learn to drop this habit, by simply listening

Exceptional self-hypnosis recording by a great hypnotherapist

‘Stop Nail Biting’ is a self-hypnosis recording by Duncan McColl, an outstandingly successful hypnotherapist. It is designed to help you to stop biting your fingernails, quickly and easily.

Nail biting leads to feeling ashamed

Most people who bite their nails have done so since they were young. Nailbiting is quite common among the young and may well be in response to the frustration and stress that young people often experience. Most people stop nail biting as they grow older, but a lot of people find they cannot stop. The damage caused by nail biting is highly visible, and this can cause a sense of shame because of a belief that others will think they are weak or weak willed. Nail biting has nothing to do with being weak. Nailbiters often hide their hands and are constantly aware of the need to hide them. People often wear false nails to hide the signs, but will remove them to bite, and then replace them.

When it becomes a habit it is hard to control

Fortunately, long-term damage by nailbiting is extremely rare. Your fingernails will fully recover when you stop biting them: and you can stop biting them. When your nail biting first started it may well have been a response to frustration, but whatever the source of frustration it is long gone and in the past. A very different reason keeps you biting your nails now: it has become a habit. A habit that is so strong that it could be called a compulsion.

Habits have a pattern and this is very effective self help for nail biting problems

First they have to begin: there was a time when you didn’t bite your nails. Perhaps some frustration or stress needed expression, you had noticed someone nail biting when they were stressed, and tried it for yourself. Or perhaps someone who could influence you was a nail-biter, so you took nail biting to yourself. The essential point is that the idea of nail-biting was allowed inside you. Then you practiced it and it became internalized, it became part of you. At this point the idea of you biting your nails was passed to your unconscious mind, out of the control of your conscious, decision-making mind, and became a habit. A habit always produces the same behaviors. Each habit conforms to its own pattern of feelings, thoughts and actions. Your signature is a habit, you can sign without paying any attention, and it’s very useful. Nail biting is a habit, but with unwanted consequences. The good news on the anti-nail biting front is that a habit can easily be eradicated by means of their weakness: they have a pattern.

Self-hypnosis can restore your nails

When you listen to ‘Stop Nail Biting’ you will discover that Duncan McColl has a voice, and a command of the English language, that can take you into a beautiful state of deep relaxation of mind and body. In this state your unconscious mind becomes much more open to new ideas, and Duncan supplies some useful ideas in the form of self-hypnotic suggestions that initiate a search by your unconscious for all the resources needed for the task ahead, resources such as imagination and creativity. He shows your unconscious how to take new perceptive positions, eliminating the old beliefs that fueled your nail biting problems, and installing anti-nail biting positions.

Once the pattern is broken

After just one hearing of ‘Stop Nail Biting’ you can expect to notice a reduction in every day stress and anxiety. After repeated hearings you will notice that you and your nails have a much better relationship, and after a while signs of growth will appear. After stopping nail biting you can re-check your stress. If you think your stress factor is still too high you may like to listen to ‘Relief from Stress’. We are sure that you will become free from the nail biting habit: we are so sure that we offer a full guarantee.

The CD version includes a free Whisper Subliminal track.

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Money-back guarantee

Many people notice benefits within a couple of weeks or so of listening to ‘Stop Nail Biting’. If a period of 60 days of following our advice on ‘How to get the results you want’ does not get you any benefit, we will gladly refund your money. It really is a Money-back Guarantee. Effective self help for nailbiting is available for you, and it is available here.

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