Stop Pain


‘Stop Pain’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
It’s easy to use – All you do, to stop the pain, is listen
Have more of the ease and comfort from stopping pain
Self help for pain relief, CD or MP3 recordings
Have your pain quit bothering you by listening

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Hypnosis For Pain Relief That works!

  • ‘Stop Pain’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
  • It’s easy to use – All you do, to stop the pain, is listen
  • Have more of the ease and comfort from stopping pain
  • Self help for pain relief download
  • Have your pain quit bothering you by listening

Exceptional self-hypnosis recording by a great hypnotherapist

‘Stop Pain’ is a self-hypnosis recording by Duncan McColl, an acclaimed hypnotherapist. This recording deals with chronic or acute pain connected with diseases or physical injury and with cancer pain, and is concerned with stopping the pain safely. It can be truly amazing self help for pain relief.

A complimentary approach that assists conventional medicine

We strongly recommend that you consult your doctor if you have not had your condition diagnosed. If medical treatment does not stop pain, then consult with your doctor about the use of ‘Stop Pain’ as a complimentary help to quit feeling the pain.

Pain can be useful

Pain can be very useful; it tells you that your body has a problem. If your broken ankle hurts you when you stand on it, then you stop causing yourself further injury. Some pain outlives its usefulness, a chronic pain might well not be telling you anything useful. It is redundant. The question is – ‘is this pain useful? – Hence the possible need for medical input. Duncan McColl assumes that stopping the pain is OK, but he also provides a back-up safety guard: the pain stops for 24 hours and then resumes. However it can then be immediately stopped for another 24 hours and so on.

Self-Hypnosis for pain relief

Hypnosis has a long history of employment in stopping pain; it was used for some major operations before the advent of modern chemical anesthetics, and some of today’s surgeons have used these powers to stop pain as an alternative to an anesthetic.
Duncan McColl is an expert in stopping pain; or rather he is an expert at training people how to make use of their own innate ability to stop pain. We all have this ability; people often do not feel pain in emergencies or in settings such as an Olympic games final. Our natural ability steps in and stops the pain becoming noticeable until it is safe or convenient to do so. Duncan McColl uses’ Stop Pain’ as a chance to train your mind how to trigger the anti-pain response, on demand as needed.

Relaxation and sleep

The initial benefits of listening to this recording are the sense of deep relaxation and the gift of more refreshing sleep. Thee two are restoratives and can help you gather the inner resources and determination needed to quit pain. Deep relaxation is also the solid base on which Duncan’s work stands.

How the ‘miracle’ works

‘Stop Pain’ is about communicating with your unconscious mind, a key part of the body mind functions. The unconscious acts as the gatekeeper for the conscious mind, deciding which parts of current experience can come to conscious attention. This is a possible pathway to stopping pain. The connection with the body systems offer other approaches that can make sure the pain stops. The imagination is also a part of the unconscious, and the aim is to get this under your control. Once you have set up a suitable state of deep relaxation the unconscious can pay more attention to new ideas, and Duncan now provides these in the form of hypnotic suggestions. These are designed to initiate creative, imaginative analysis of your situation and a resulting solution that gets your pain to quit. Repeated listening will result in your unconscious acquiring the ability to stop pain effortlessly and quickly.

You can look to live pain-free

After listening to ‘Stop Pain’ a few times you will notice an increase in your ability to stop pain and you will have less anxiety and stress. We guarantee you satisfaction.

Money-back guarantee

Many people notice benefits within a couple of weeks or so. If a period of 60 days of following our advice on ‘How to get the results you want’ does not get you any benefit, we will gladly refund your money. It really is a Money-back Guarantee. Self help for pain relief is available to you, it is available to you here, and, like we say, it is guaranteed.