Stop Panic Attacks


Brand new multi-track recording
Four tracks of NLP and hypnosis to help with panic
Guaranteed to stop panic attacks
Easy to order and easy to use

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Self Hypnosis And NLP Recordings To Stop Panic And Anxiety Attacks

  • Brand new multi-track recording
  • Four tracks of NLP and hypnosis to help with panic
  • Guaranteed to stop panic attacks
  • Easy to order and easy to use

Get your life back in control and put an end to panic attacks once and for all.

Debbie Williams has more than a decade of clinical experience in dealing with issues such as panic and anxiety attacks and has put her experience to good use for those of you who suffer from panic attacks.

Deal with the fear of the fear

Debbie totally understands the way that this kind of fear works and her recordings will help you to get those panicky and worried thoughts under your control, easily.

Panic comes in many guises

There are so many things that people panic about: Transport, crowds, their health, meeting new people, the list could go on forever. The good news is whatever it is you have been panicking over, ‘Stop Panic Attacks’ will cure your anxiety, in a totally natural way.

Complete programme for panic attacks help


By just listening to the trance track, for a few days or as long as you like, then as you notice positive changes you will be drawn to any of the other tracks that will help you to overcome your panic for good. There are 5 tracks on this recording incorporating hypnosis and NLP to help and using the combination will be the most effective to stop panic for good.

Track 1

Brief introduction to the recordings. You will understand what happens with panic, its purpose and sometimes this knowledge alone can empower you and lessen the symptoms.

Track 2

This Preparation for the NLP ‘panic-attacks help’ exercise on track 3.

Track 3

If you’re caught up in the midst of a panic attack or you feel one starting to come on (and the time and place is appropriate) you can put this on and I will count you out of it – you may want to listen to it whilst feeling ok and learn to get panic under control – a simple phrase that when you use it will really help you. Many people who I’ve seen have told me they’ve tried that deep breathing and it doesn’t work- the reason being it is only part of a really effective strategy. These techniques will work for you – guaranteed. Use this track as and when necessary. The aim, of course, is to train your mind so that you will stop panic attacks once and for all, so that you won’t need to do any ‘techniques’.

Track 4

Self hypnosis to help panic attacks to stop happening. You don’t have to do anything, just listening will calm you down, so switch off the phone, ask not to be disturbed and my voice will guide you into gentle relaxation with the most effective suggestions on how to feel calm and confident always.

Stop Panic Attacks Is Guaranteed

It is important to apply yourself to listen to these recordings regularly. We provide you with an unconditional sixty day money-back guarantee because we know they work, it’s that simple. The guarantee applies to both MP3 recordings and the CD alike.

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