Stop Smoking!


‘Help Stopping Smoking’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
It’s easy to use – All you do, to stop smoking for good, is listen
Have more control of your habits
Easy to order – Self-hypnosis CD or MP3 download
Become a happy non-smoker by listening

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Want To Stop Smoking? Then Self-Hypnosis Can Help
Available As A CD Or MP3 Download

  • ‘Help Stopping Smoking’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
  • It’s easy to use – All you do, to stop smoking for good, is listen
  • Have more control of your habits
  • Easy to order – Self-hypnosis CD or MP3 download
  • Become a happy non-smoker by listening

Exceptional self-hypnosis recording by a great hypnotherapist

This self-hypnosis recording stands out above the competition. Created by master hypnotherapist Duncan McColl, it bears the hallmarks of years of experience and creative genius. ‘Help Stopping Smoking’ is a powerful aid to getting on top of a pernicious habit. It is self help to stop smoking that really works.

This is probably all you need to do

You may be considering all the alternative methods of stopping smoking. We recommend that you pursue your choice whole-heartedly, but listen to this recording first. It is so effective; it is probably all you need to do.

Who can benefit from ‘Help Stopping Smoking’?

If you seriously want to become a non-smoker then this recording can help you. As with all efforts to effect personal change, stopping smoking requires motivation. It is not a good idea to buy to give to someone, unless you have heard them say they want to quit being a smoker.

Positive motivation is the key to success

There are many good reasons for stopping smoking:

  1. Health
  2. Feeling an outsider
  3. Hate the lack of self-control
  4. Your children are afraid that smoking will carry you off
  5. The smell is disgusting

These are some of the most common reasons for wanting to quit. Phrasing your motivation as a positive that you want  for yourself can increase your chances of succeeding enormously. Instead of “I want to stop smoking” you might prefer “I want clean skin and full health”, or “I want to breathe easily and be full of energy.” Just thinking about what you want helps focus your mind and make it more likely to happen, because you are now moving towards what you want, and not simply away from what you do not want.

The smoking compulsion

Although smoking addiction is a common way of describing the inability to stop smoking, most smokers will also agree that they feel ‘compelled’ to smoke. The more they try to stop, the more they think about smoking. And the thoughts of smoking become so powerful that they eventually light up, and this gives them relief, until next time. Those thoughts that lead to smoking are best described as a compulsion, a compulsion that they themselves have created.

Strong unconscious habits that control behavior

A compulsion is an unconscious collection of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that has the power to affect your behavior. This is what makes it possible for you to quit your smoking habit: if is caused by your thoughts than you have the right to change that thought pattern, and replace it with a more useful one.

The way out of the wood

No matter if you feel lost and helpless in your habit, there are ways to alter your unconscious habits. Self-hypnosis is about taking time out and communicating with your unconscious mind. When you listen to Duncan McColl on ‘Help Stopping Smoking’ you will find that he first helps you to relax body and mind fully, allowing your stresses and anxieties to float away. He then guides your unconscious into a hypnotic trance that is right for you, training your unconscious to do this for you automatically whenever it is appropriate. Duncan’s concern is to show your unconscious how to re-pattern your smoking behavior, and substitute desires to achieve your real goals: health; cleanliness; self-control, or any other goals you may have.

Strong suggestions for change

In the trance state your unconscious is much more responsive to ideas from outside, and Duncan provides new ideas in the form of carefully designed hypnotic suggestions that trigger creative action by your unconscious mind, as it works with your imagination to re-pattern those thoughts about smoking tobacco, and to then install a strong desire to reach your goals.

Putting out that last smoke

Listen to ‘Help Stopping Smoking’ and you will find yourself relaxing and your cares taking a back seat. Repeated hearings of this recording will bring your smoking habit to an end. You will be as puzzled as any non-smoker as to why smokers smoke. And since you do not miss smoking in any way, there is no chance of you substituting other habits to recompense your loss. You end up a winner. We are sure this recording will delight you, and offer a full guarantee. Self help to stop smoking can be yours, so order now.

The CD version includes a free Whisper Subliminal track.

Click here for more information on Whisper Subliminal recordings.

Money-back guarantee

Many people notice benefits within a couple of weeks or so. If a period of 60 days of following our advice on ‘How to get the results you want’ does not get you any benefit, we will gladly refund your money. It really is a Money-back Guarantee.

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