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‘Weight Control’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
Easy to use – To regain control of your weight, just listen
Two full-length self-hypnosis recordings
Manage your eating habits easily and successfully
Move to your desired weight by listening




Self Help Controlling Weight Self-Hypnosis Download

  • ‘Weight Control’ – Is guaranteed to bring you results
  • Easy to use – To regain control of your weight, just listen
  • Two full-length self-hypnosis recordings
  • Manage your eating habits easily and successfully
  • Move to your desired weight by listening

Exceptional self-hypnosis recording by a great hypnotherapist

‘Weight Control’ is a remarkably effective self-hypnosis recording by Duncan McColl, an outstanding hypnotherapist. It is designed to provide real help for you as you regain control of your relationship with food. Self help for weight control is available for you now!

Diet and will power: how to lose control

This is almost always about wanting to weigh less, unless of course you are recovering from anorexia. This recording is about helping you to get your excess off, but it is not about reaching size zero: it is about achieving a healthy weight and shape, getting your body/mass index (BMI) to within the guidelines. It seems to be a very difficult thing to do: usually diet and will power are employed for temporary success followed by a crash and a rapid return to pre-diet weight (plus a pound). Will power does not work in the long run: forcing yourself to maintain a diet that does not supply the food you want to eat is not a recipe for happiness.

A recipe for success

One recipe for successful weight control is to:

  • Eat as much as you want,
  • Eat whatever you want,
  • Eat it whenever you want.

There is a catch of course: the recipe depends on you really wanting to:

  • Eat just the right amount of
  • Just the right food at
  • Regular intervals.

But suppose you really did have those desires: weight control would be easy and pleasurable. There are lots of people who do this. You probably know some of them: they seem to enjoy eating whatever they want and yet they stay at the same desirable weight. It isn’t magic: they’ve learned the knack.

Habits are the secret of success

In one way or another you have picked up some habits that keep you from achieving your goal of weight control. Habits start when you pick up a new idea from the outside world. You think about it, maybe adapt it slightly, and then the idea becomes internalized: it becomes a part of you. If a thought is used frequently is passed to your unconscious mind, which keeps it safe and ensures that the thought is processed whenever it is required. A complete set of thoughts, feelings and actions become attached to the original idea, and this pattern is out of conscious control: it is automatic. So you can end up with a habit pattern that make sure you stay overweight, and if you try to eat differently it feels all wrong and you go back to the comfortable habits. The way to successfully controlling your weight is to change the pattern, to change the way you relate to food.

Re-pattern habits by listening

This is where ‘Weight Control’ comes in. Make up your mind that you want to regain control of your weight (this is a new idea and it will shortly become a habit) and then listen to the recordings and discover the power of Duncan McColl’s voice as he shows your unconscious a way to reach a state of total body mind relaxation. In this state, also known as creative relaxation, your unconscious now accesses all your resources and sets off on a search for all the habits that prevent you from controlling your weight, and then starts a process of change. This process is initiated by Duncan through a series of self-hypnotic suggestions, and is outside of your conscious awareness. The only will power required for a change in your relationship to food is to make that initial decision and then will yourself to listen to the recordings, helping yourself to one of the most relaxing of experiences.

Relaxing brings the benefits

At the first hearing of ‘Weight Control’ you can expect to notice a reduction in anxiety and stress. After repeated hearings you will become aware of significant improvement in your ability to control your weight. There are no miracles on offer: your weight will reduce at a sustainable rate, perhaps five pounds a month on average as you exercise a new relationship with food, until you achieve your goal and your weight stabilizes there. We are so sure you will enjoy ‘Weight Control’ and the results that come with listening that we offer a full guarantee.

Money-back guarantee

Many people notice benefits within a couple of weeks or so of listing to Duncan McColl’s ‘Weight Control’. If a period of 60 days of following our advice on ‘How to get the results you want’ does not get you any benefit, we will gladly refund your money. It really is a Money-back Guarantee. Get self help for weight control today, and begin a more healthy relationship with food to last a lifetime.

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